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Kindergarten Closed on June 27-28, 2019
27 06 2019

Melodies International Kindergarten
26 June 2019
Herpangina Information
Dear Parents,
We hope that you and your families are all well and regularly looking after your health.
Due to a number of students currently diagnosed with herpangina and as per the Ministry of Health advice, Melodies will be closed on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June. We will resume classes on Monday, 1st July. We understand that this may make parents feel worried or anx-ious. However, during this time staff members will work together to clean the classroom equipment to ensure every student’s safety when they return.
We have two exciting events coming up this month such as Tanabata and Shopping Day. We hope that all students can participate. Herpangina can easily spread, therefore we request that parents take careful note of the following points to prevent these symptoms developing into a more serious illnesses.
1. Please observe your children’s health closely and if they have any of the following symptoms please take them to see the doctor.
1) fever 2) vomiting 3) Sore throat 4) loss of appetite
2. If this is noticed while they are at school then the homeroom teacher will call the parents and ask them to kindly pick up their child to see the doctor.
3. If the child’s temperature is over 37.5 then students should not come to school and we recommend that they go to see the doctor. If this is observed at school the child’s parents will be called.
*N.B.* If your child is diagnosed with this contagious illness and the doctor says they should not attend school, Melodies requires that parents provide a medical certificate upon the child’s return to school, clearing the child of the illness.
Below is a link attached providing more details about herpangina. You can chat with their health officer using FB messenger if you have any questions. You can also select the language either Thai or in Japanese.
Thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation.