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スプリングキャンプのお知らせ [Spring Camp News letter]
26 01 2018
タイ幼稚園 バンコク幼稚園








Email melodies@anet.net.th     Tel 02-712-1680(担当:井上)

♪ 12th January 2018

            For the first time we are opening up our annual Spring Camp to non-melodies children.

  • 10 spaces are available to Non-Melodies students (K.1-K.3) on a ‘first come first served’ basis.     Let’s join together to meet new friends and learn about fun ways to enjoy a ‘Healthy Living’.
  • The details for the camp are available by clicking the non-melodies button below.
  • For applications and enquires please contact Ms. Inoue on 02-712-1680
    Or email melodies@anet.net.th