• Melodies International Kindergarten	melodieskinder
  • メロディー幼稚園
  • タイ幼稚園 กรุงเทพฯอนุบาล
  •  バンコク幼稚園
 メロディー幼稚園  Melodies International Kindergarten


タイ幼稚園 バンコク幼稚園
school tour (5 May 2022, update)
05 05 2022

First of all, Please participate in the online open house.
After that, understanding the following, we will guide the facility.
■ Conditions for facility tour
・ Only during times when there are no children
・ Up to 20 minutes
・ Result negative of ATK within 72 hours before visiting

You can make a reservation for the online open house from the following.

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